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Life is good in Villach! In addition to untouched nature and countless opportunities for many recreational activities, Villach is also one of the safest cities and Austria is one of the safest countries in the world. But life in Austria doesn’t only offer a clean environment, a fully-developed social system, and a high level of safety, but also a healthcare system that offers all residents - regardless of age, sex, origin, social status, or income - the same tailored and barrier-free access to high-quality healthcare.

After having already looked at the topics Environment, Climate, and Sustainability and Safety and Security, in this final part in our blog post series “Austria in Global Rankings”, we’ll focus on the major topic of healthcare in Austria. We have summarized the most important results from various international rankings for you here.



We already covered how the Austrian healthcare system works in one of our more recent blog posts. In short, health insurance is compulsory in Austria and therefore 99.9% of all people living in Austria have health insurance. In general, the self-perceived state of health of Austrians is rated as very good, as the 2019 Austrian Health Survey by the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection in cooperation with Statistik Austria shows:

Self-Perceived Health

according to Statistik Austria

75 % of all men in Austria describe their health as
“good to very good”
74.4 % of all women in Austria describe their health as
“good to very good”

According to EUROSTAT, the statistical office of the European Union, Austria is in the middle of the European range and thus higher than the OECD average of 68%.

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The crowdsourced database Numbeo, the world's largest collection of data on cities and countries, also confirms the high level of self-perceived satisfaction of all people living in Austria with regard to healthcare in the country.

Healthcare according to user feedback on Numbeo

The higher the number, the better the ranking

“high” (May 2022) Healthcare index Austria-wide
“high” (May 2022) Healthcare index in Villach

The Better Life Index of the OECD also sees Austria as being in the middle when it comes to general health:

Better Life Index

Austria in comparison to other OECD countries (2022)

19th out of 41
in the category “Life Expectancy" with an average life expectancy of 82 years
7.8 out of 10 points
in the category “Health”
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Self-Perceived Health of Austrians “good to very good”

in comparison to the average OECD citizen

71.2% (Austria)
68.4% (OECD average)

Furthermore, the OECD’s “Health at a Glance” report shows that healthcare in Austria is easy to access and good, and that residents are satisfied. It also shows that healthcare resources are above average, with high spending on healthcare and sufficient hospital beds.

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In the InterNations Expat Insider Report 2021, Austria is ranked 2nd out of 59 worldwide in the Quality of Life Index category. Austria also scores very well in the “Health & Wellbeing” subcategory.

Satisfaction of Expats with Regard to Healthcare in Austria

in global rankings

82% of expats in Austria rate the healthcare system as
positive 61% worldwide
88% of expats in Austria are
happy with the quality of medical care
71% worldwide

In summary, the state of health of the Austrian population is continually improving. Not only is general life expectancy rising, but people perceive that they are spending more and more of their years in good to very good health. That’s definitely good news!

That was our three-part look into the topic “Austria in Global Rankings”, all about health, safety and the environment. Austria is one of the countries with the highest quality of life. It is a country of peace, with easy access to the best healthcare and services, and a place where nature conservation areas cover 27% of the country’s land. It’s a place to feel good and be happy.