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Laptop shows AMS contact site for Villach

Moving to a new city can be exciting, but finding a suitable job in a new place can be challenging. Coming up with a job hunting strategy beforehand can help ensure a smoother transition during your new start. 

Whether your move is still in the planning stages or you are already living in Villach, this blog post will help you gain insight into which services and useful online portals are available in the region to help in your search for work, so that you can organize your job hunt accordingly. 

Since having the right to work in Austria depends on your nationality, the kind of work you want to do, and the kind of visa you have, before starting your research it is very important to first get informed about the different kinds of labor and work permit regulations (especially in the case of non-EU citizenship) that apply in your case.



The Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) is Austria’s leading organization in all matters relating to the labor market, providing great support, helpful information, and qualification programs free of charge to jobseekers to help prepare them for jobs. All you need to do is register and get in touch with a local AMS advisor in order to discuss your current options. Additionally, the AMS offers helpful online support tools to explore available job opportunities in the region. Please be aware that all the online services of the AMS are only available in German. 

Furthermore, the AMS also helps ensure people’s financial well-being during periods of unemployment by paying unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld). People are eligible for these benefits if they are employable, looking for a job, and worked in a job that covered the compulsory unemployment insurance for a specific time period before becoming unemployed (at least 52 weeks before becoming unemployed for the first time). Please note: A person can register at the AMS as an unemployed job seeker regardless of whether they are entitled to any monetary benefits from the unemployment insurance program.



The Carinthian International Center (CIC) is another helpful organization that can support you in finding a job in Villach. For example, you can find available job openings of CIC member companies and various information and tips about finding employment on the CIC website. Moreover, its offshoot - the CIC Service GmbH - offers professional (for pay) assistance to guide you through your career planning process and support your job seeking journey from day one. Details and prices of these tailor-made services are available on request at 



Rather than search through various company websites, you can also use job search engines to find local openings. However, in order to optimize the number of relevant results you obtain, it is important to use specific keywords and also create job alerts. Besides helping you save time, in this way you will receive only the relevant job listings each day that will allow you to stay current with the latest labor market opportunities.

Popular websites for job searches in Carinthia are, for example:



Although an employment agency can't always guarantee a job, it can open doors to positions that may not be easy to find on your own. Additionally, you can gain interview experience, take qualification tests, or go through training sessions if necessary. In all cases, there is a ton to be gained from the experience. The best-known local agencies that help job-seekers find employment and help companies find employees include Trenkwalder Österreich, Powerserv, and GPS - Gemeinnütziges Personalservice Kärnten GmbH.



A job fair is a great place to meet many different potential employers at once. These fairs can create opportunities for you to network with people in your industry and help you become more aware of what your industry values in an employee. In November 2022 you can visit “connect”, the biggest job fair in southern Austria, organized by the University of Klagenfurt, and unlock the full potential of your job seeking journey. Also, don’t miss the Meet & Match job fair in May 2022, organized by the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences, where you will have the chance to meet recruiters and get to know the most important companies in the region.



Social networking is the new path in the fields of job searching and recruitment as it provides a great way for people to connect and know about employment opportunities and trends in their field of interest. Therefore, make sure to activate, update, and leverage the power of the most important social networks in Austria. Besides various online opportunities, there are many other networking options offered in Carinthia, both online and in person.

Villach is a small city and it often feels like everybody knows everybody. Even if you are hesitant to get to know new people, remember that each network is part of another network that can help you move your job search forward. Find the answers to your questions about settling in Carinthia at the Carinthian Welcome Center (CWC) and help your transition to a new place go more smoothly. And don’t forget the great CIC networking sessions which can be very fruitful for your networking plan and above all… fun! 


We hope that our blog post has given you a good overview on how to start your job search in Villach and provided you with some useful tips. All the best and happy job hunting!