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The founders of welcome2villach.at come from the following sectors, and they are responsible for the information provided here:

  • eight world-renowned tech and manufacturing companies
  • the interregional technology and innovation cluster
  • the region’s tourism organization
  • the local university
  • the top European research center
  • the public healthcare provider
  • the city government of Villach

Together they represent Villach as a modern center of business, an innovative research hub, and an outstanding place to live.


The vibrant center of the Austria - Italy - Slovenia tri-border region as the home of work-life balance.

With around 64,200 residents, Villach is the seventh largest city in Austria. Situated right in the middle of Europe, this city has established itself as the dynamic and sustainable center of the Alps-Adriatic region. Its proximity to both important transport routes and the neighboring countries of Italy (30 km to the Italian border town of Tarvis) and Slovenia (95 km to the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana), make Villach an important Central European transportation hub.


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Surrounded by mountains, lakes, and forests, you can also find exceptional scenic attractions in Villach itself, and you can delight in the Mediterrean attitude towards life that the locals have, which is well-known even beyond the city’s borders. The extraordinary quality of life in this city on the Drau can be enjoyed all year long. Whether it’s skiing in winter or hiking in summer, the breathtaking mountains in and around Villach offer fun activities at any time of the year.

What’s more, the city borders on countless picturesque lakes such as Ossiacher See, Faaker See, Silbersee, Vassacher See, or St. Leonharder See. These lakes all have drinking quality water and are popular destinations for young and old, especially in summer.


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As a long-standing crossroads in the tri-border region, Villach has always been characterized by a wide-ranging business landscape. Whether advanced technology, skilled trade businesses, or industry, the city is equally open to both the founding of new companies as well as supporting long-established ones. The diverse economic scene offers a colorful variety of career opportunities for people from all over the world.

In Villach, the thirst for education and hunger for knowledge are quenched with first class educational offerings, from primary school to higher education and adult education. In addition to primary schools, middle schools and academic middle schools, vocational and trade schools, several types of high schools, universities of applied sciences, and a distance learning center, after-school programs and vacation care programs are also available. In addition, there are grants to help cover school costs, counselling centers, a music school, and a wide range of adult education offerings.


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Living and working in Villach is especially interesting for families, and truly life-enriching. The city was named a “Child Friendly City” by UNICEF and is distinguished as one of Austria’s “Family Friendly Cities”. In addition, at the beginning of 2021 the province of Carinthia received the “Family Award” from the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) for its commitment to making the province family- and child-friendly.

Located in the southernmost province of Austria, Villach residents also naturally benefit from the high standards of the social and healthcare systems of the Alpine republic. From health insurance to unemployment insurance, a variety of legal frameworks guarantee support in difficult times.

All told, Villach is a place where work and private life complement each other, and which opens up completely new perspectives on all levels. It is a place for exciting careers, high-quality education, and an active lifestyle with the whole family in a pristine environment.


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