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In this region, tradition, open mindedness, and quality of life are connected in a remarkable way with the advantages of an innovative economic location. International companies and their highly qualified employees have played a particularly important role in Villach’s success story.

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Villach’s rise to prominence as a location for advanced technology is based on continual evolution and always rising to meet new challenges. So that this continues into the future, we have for some time now focused on being a city which supports research and the establishment of new businesses. Alongside the scientific work and teaching at the University of Applied Sciences, groundbreaking cooperation between science and industry has facilitated successful research on promising future technologies. Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) is on the way to becoming a center of excellence for electronic based systems. Additionally, the start-up initiatives build! Startup Incubator or Smart Lab Carinthia, located at the High Tech Campus Villach, offer support to help get entrepreneurs off to a great start.

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Villach’s Labor Market in Numbers

8,000+ employees from over 80 countries work at our partner companies
33,000 people are employed in 2,784 businesses
1,082 apprentices in 304 training-providing companies
€2,720 gross average monthly salary

The partner companies that are responsible for this collection of information (www.welcome2villach.at), represent only a small selection from the diverse economic scene in Villach, and the region offers a varied mix of businesses from every possible industry. Whether the old or the new economy, manufacturing, retail, services, or the trades, we are always looking for new talent.

Secure and well-paid positions make this an appealing location for both skilled laborers and managers from around the world. Here you’ll find a wide array of businesses that are deeply rooted in the region, from hidden champions to world-famous market leaders, and they offer their employees not only an exceptional quality of life but also a multitude of benefits.



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Whether it’s getting support in working through bureaucratic matters, searching for a job for one’s partner, or helping sorting out childcare, your new start in life will be made as easy as possible. Professional and family life can be brought into an optimal balance. And of course, a welcoming culture and diversity are not only preached, but also practiced.

Needless to say, part of the bedrock of Villach’s road to success are the especially good labor and working conditions in Austria. Among other things, mandatory social insurance ensures financial security in case of illness, an accident, or unemployment, and also offers comprehensive coverage for family members. Annual vacation leave is 25 days.


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Further Facts and Figures

new business were established in Carinthia in 2020
research rate the 2020 research rate in Austria, with which the country achieved 2nd place in the EU
new business were established in Villach in 2019