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As one of approximately 64,200 residents of Villach, here you can enjoy not only peaceful small town life in Austria’s seventh largest city, but at the same time also enjoy the exceptional care that the country provides for all the people who live here.

The Austrian social state has long promoted social justice and safety and is confirmed by the OECD (among others) to be an international leader in this regard. Above all, the compulsory insurance system guarantees comprehensive social protections for all people employed in Austria, and, in many cases, also family members such as spouses and children.


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Through targeted support in specific situations, such as in the event of illness, for families, or through retirement pensions, the entire society benefits. The legally mandated social insurance for employed people thus includes medical insurance, accident insurance, pension insurance, and unemployment insurance.

In case of illness, for example, free treatment by doctors and in hospitals is guaranteed. The Austrian healthcare system counts as one of the best in the world and constantly endeavors to provide optimal medical care. The most modern infrastructure and the most highly-educated specialists are available to patients nationwide.

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Access to public health facilities is quick and easy for those who are insured. In the five Carinthian provincial hospitals in and around Villach alone there are 2,850 beds available and approximately 7,770 hospital staff to attend to the well-being of patients.

Moreover, there are 73 independent outpatient clinics (primarily in the areas of physical and sports medicine, prevention and screening, and dental and oral medicine) and 93 pharmacies.

Throughout Carinthia there are 14 acute care units (11 public and private healthcare institutions, two long-term care facilities, and an emergency hospital) with around 3,700 acute care beds. Most of the acute care beds are reserved for internal medicine, surgery, trauma surgery, and acute geriatrics.

One of Carinthia’s two psychiatric emergency and crisis centers is housed in Villach’s provincial hospital (the Landeskrankenhaus).

Country of Health Carinthia

420 general practitioners
640 practicing medical specialists
270 dentists
93 pharmacies

Austria also boasts a relatively high standard when it comes to worker protections. From financial coverage in the event of illness to parental leave to protection against discrimination, government regulations guarantee the greatest possible security.

Austria’s social system offers numerous remarkable advantages especially for families. In addition to government support programs such as the family allowance (Familienbeihilfe), parental leave bonus (Familienzeitbonus), or child benefits (Kindergeld), through a variety of additional provisions the province of Carinthia is establishing itself as Europe’s most child-friendly region.

Austria, Carinthia, and most especially Villach are committed to their residents. And no matter whether young or old, here you can enjoy exemplary care and support in many areas.

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Austria is regularly one of the top three countries in the world on the InterNations (Expat Insider Survey) yearly Family Life Index, and is an ideal place to raise children.

Building on existing and comprehensive services, the province of Carinthia has a clear goal to become the most family-friendly region in Europe, for example with its “Children Grant” (Kinder-Stipendium), which covers most childcare costs for the period before a child starts school.

The province of Carinthia is proud to have received the “Family Award” from the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) at the beginning of 2021 for its commitment to making the province family- and child-friendly.

The City of Villach has not only been nationally recognized as a “Family-Friendly City” but was also certified by UNICEF as a “Child Friendly City”. Theater for children aged 2 and above, a children’s literature festival, art education for children, the youth climate protection award, and a youth cultural festival are only a few examples that show how highly Villach values its children and young people.

Cultural events for young and old, such as concerts, theater performances, exhibitions, and lectures, are highly valued in the Villach region.



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Villach's Health Center: the State Hospital (LKH)

730 beds are provided by Villach’s provincial hospital
1,110 babies were born there in 2020
1,489.4 people were employed there on average in 2019
161,899 patients were treated in the provincial hospital in 2019