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Vouchers of Kärntner Familienkarte

Through the years, the state of Carinthia has actively been promoting innovation, sustainability, safety, work-life balance, economic growth and social justice. Additionally, its unspoiled nature and the wide variety of its recreational offerings, makes Carinthia an ideal place to grow your family.

In addition, the federal state of Carinthia has set itself the clearly defined goal of becoming the most family-friendly region in Europe. Existing offers and initiatives are constantly being expanded and new projects, such as the children's grant, are being initiated in order to better support families in Carinthia and to make family life in southern Carinthia more attractive. One such initiative is the Kärntner Familienkarte, which offers families many advantages with a comprehensive range of information and services.



Kärntner Familienkarte is a free benefit and service card initiated by the province of Carinthia to give families living in Carinthia the possibility to obtain discounts and promotions from numerous partner companies and attractions in the region. As such, by making it affordable, it promotes the leisure experience for the whole family, carrying out activities and spending time together. Furthermore, it is an advantage for all families (including single parents, divorced parents, patchwork families and grandparents) whose main residence is in Carinthia.

Do you want to know more about the Kärntner Familienkarte advantages?

  • Free skiing fun for the whole family
    This year, all holders of the Kärntner Familienkarte will again be entitled to free lift tickets on four Sundays in January and February. Besides, family snowshoe hikes are organized providing equipment free of charge for the whole family. The dates and more detailed information about the free events can be found at the website.
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Skiers at the ticket office
  • GoodieClub
    The GoodieClub is the special added value of the Carinthian family card. Thanks to the bonus services provided by local partners, you save a lot of money when it comes to leisure, sports, products, and services. New benefits for the whole family are constantly being added to the GoodieClub, so check it regularly!

  • Winter voucher booklet
    For all Kärntner Familienkarte holders, there is a free winter voucher booklet with cool discounts and promotions this year! Order your winter voucher booklet here.

  • Kärnten-Card Special
    A particular highlight is the special discount for the purchase of the “Sommer Kärnten Card 2023” for all Carinthia family card holders. With more than 100 of Carinthia’s most iconic destinations and 60 bonus partners allowing you to enjoy price reductions up to 50%, Kärnten Card is the key to experience Carinthia’s most beautiful destinations. The promotion for Kärntner Familienkarte holders will be valid from January 23rd to February 28th. You do not want to miss this!

Boat at the lake
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Monkey jumping over a pond
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Ski lift


Kärntner Familienkarte does not only offer great discounts, but also provides a great support to families for social issues such as family funding initiatives, tax advantages, childcare in Carinthia and lots more. Additionally, parents are invited to take part in different informative activities such as free online video tips on demand and virtual live talks every Friday with experts from parent education areas. Furthermore families can also apply for free tutoring lessons for compulsory school students (1st-9th grade) and get discounts on language classes offered by the VHS.


In order to be able to get the card, the main place of residence of the parents or the parent with whom the child/children lives in the same household must be in Carinthia. Foreign citizens (with the exception of citizens of an EU member state) must submit proof of a residence permit, like the valid settlement permit or positive asylum decision. Another prerequisite is that family allowance (Familienbeihilfe) is obtained for at least one child. Also, divorced parents who live separated from their child in Carinthia and also the new spouses of parents are eligible under certain conditions.

Good news is that grandparents can also apply for a card and use the advantages of the Kärntner Familienkarte with their grandchildren if their main residence is in Carinthia and the family already is eligible for the service card. This means that they can therefore take advantage of the same discounts as family cardholders and also save when shopping or going on excursions with their grandchildren. More detailed information about the conditions to be entitled for the Kärntner Familienkarte can be found here.

And the best: The Kärntner Familienkarte is totally FREE! After submitting the application, you will receive the Kärntner Familienkarte within 7 to 10 days. The card is valid until the eldest child's 18th birthday and must then be applied for it again.

The Kärntner Familienkarte is a great opportunity to receive helpful information, experience quality time with your family and enjoy what Carinthia has to offer in every season with discounted prices. Also, do not forget to get the Familienkarte app or subscribe to the newsletter so you don't lose track of the current highlights and offers for the whole family!