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It’s that time of the year again - 7 days of beer, live music, great food, and plenty of fun rides. Yes, it’s time to celebrate Villacher Kirchtag. 

Kirchtag is Austria’s largest traditional folk festival. Each year, more than 450,000 people visit Villacher Kirchtag to join in the fun celebration. If you’ve never been to Kirchtag before, this blog post is for you. We will give you the top tips on what to expect and how to prepare so you’ll be ready to have a great experience at Villacher Kirchtag.


Kirchtag is 7 days of pure fun and goes from Sunday to Sunday. The official start date changes each year, but Kirchtag Saturday takes place during the first Saturday of August. Villacher Kirchtag 2019 is July 28th to August 4th. Villacher Kirchtag 2020 will be from July 26th to August 2nd.



Villacher Kirchtag does not have an official dress code, but you will feel left out if you are not dressed in Trachten (traditional clothing). That means that it is time to shop for Lederhosen or a Dirndl. Dressing up in Trachten is a fun way to be a part of the Villacher Kirchtag festivities. Here are some places to shop in Villach for the perfect Kirchtag outfit - 


Custom Trachten Shops

Interested in an authentic and custom made Trachten outfit? These shops in Villach offer beautiful outfits that will make you look great. However, keep in mind that buying an authentic Trachten outfit can be expensive and easily cost more than €200. 

  • Pleamle - Known for its flower motif, Pleamle is proudly Carinthian. The name of the shop is Carinthian dialect for “flower”. 
  • Edelschwortn - Lederhosen for all. Edelschwortn specializes in Lederhosen for men and women, no Dirndls here! 
  • Rettl - Famous for its Alpine Kilt, this Trachten shop was founded in Klagenfurt in 1868.  
  • Isola Trachten - Known for their Villach Dirndls and vests that feature the city’s coat of arms and colors.
  • Gössl Villach - Stop by this shop in the Villach city center for high-quality Trachten. 


Trachten Shops

At these Trachten shops, you can find custom outfits as well as Dirndl and Lederhosen in the mid-price range. 

  • Trachten Roll - Located next to the Villach Rathaus, this small shop has more than 90 years of experience selling Trachten.
  • Zillertaller Trachtenwelt - With many locations throughout Austria, Zillertaller Trachtenwelt really has a “world” of Trachten to offer. 
  • Strohmaier Trachten - This shop offers exclusive collections of Trachten as well as traditional clothing from other brands. 



On a budget? Buying Trachten for Villacher Kirchtag doesn’t have to be expensive. 

  • Caritas Carla - The used clothing store Carla always has a selection of traditional clothing available for purchase in the weeks leading up to Kirchtag. Plus, your purchase will help benefit social projects to help those in need. 
  • Flohmarkt - During the summer, many sellers have pre-owned Dirndl and Trachten for sale at the flea market.
  • C&A - This fast-fashion clothing retail store from Germany has Trachten during the summer. 
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People talking and celebrating Villacher Kirchtag


So you have your Trachten and you’re ready to have fun at Villacher Kirchtag - now what? Here are our top tips to make sure you have a great experience. 

  • Bring cash - Several places do not accept cards at Kirchtag, so be sure to bring some cash with you. Plus, you’ll need some coins to use the restrooms around the festival. And your bartender or waitress is sure to appreciate a tip. 
  • Check the schedule - There are more than 130 events and musical performances at Kirchtag. Make sure you don’t miss out by checking the events schedule before you go.  
  • Pace yourself - Beer is a big part of the Villacher Kirchtag celebration, so if you are drinking alcohol, pace yourself. Villacher Kirchtag is a family friendly event. Eat throughout the day so you don’t miss out on the fun by being carried home early. Plus, there is plenty of delicious food at Kirchtag to enjoy - Schweinshaxe, Kirchtagsuppe, Würstl, and of course, plenty of pretzels. 
  • Have fun - At Villacher Kirchtag, everyone is invited to indulge their inner child. Enjoy the thrilling rides at the carnival along the river Drau. Buy a Lebkuchenherz for your sweetheart. Eat plenty of sweets like Schaumrollen and Kokosbusserl. Villacher Kirchtag is arguably the most fun week of the year in Villach - so enjoy it! 


For more information about Villacher Kirchtag, be sure to check out the official Villacher Kirchtag website. We hope to see you at there. Prost!

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Bieranstich at Villacher Kirchtag
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The festival tents at Rathausplatz
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The fun park during Kirchtag's week