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Panorama of the City of Villach
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Welcome, Willkommen, Benvenuto, Dobrodošli, Bienvenue to the Heart of Europe!



You are looking for an exciting professional challenge and an attractive place for your family to live? A place where your work and private life don’t have to compete with each other and new perspectives abound at every level?

Villach might be just the perfect spot for you. A place for a new life and new career, with access to first-class education, an active lifestyle and a healthy environment.

Over the following pages we'd like to give you a first glimpse of the outstanding opportunities awaiting you in and around Villach. Learn more about this place where Austria, Italy and Slovenia meet at the southern slope of the Alps in the heart of Europe.

Some of the most innovative companies and organizations of our city have teamed up to produce this guide providing an overview of the broad range of offers in this region we call home. They include world-famous international brands and renowned local institutions alike, representing the entrepreneurial, intellectual and cultural variety of our region.

The success of these companies and many other enterprises in the region rests on the work of thousands of highly talented employees from the greater Villach area, Italy and Slovenia just across the border and also from all over the world. The excellent reputation of regional educational institutions, such as the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, also draws a very diverse student population from a panoply of different countries to our region.

All of them have found Villach to be the ideal place to pursue their career while spending time with their families and enjoying the high quality of life offered by this lively town located at the crossroads of three different cultural regions.

We are confident that this brochure will make you curious about this wonderful city that is our home and we look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones here in the not too distant future.


See you soon in our neighborhood, see you soon in Villach!


Günther Albel

Mayor of the City of Villach

The mayor of Villach
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