living reading time: 6 min publication date: 13.07.2017


© RVT | Martin Hofmann
The Erlebnis Card of Villach for many activities

Summer in Villach is the perfect setting for outdoor activities. Whether by foot, bike or stand up paddle board, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Villach tourism office organizes the Erlebnis Card for visitors to participate in the best activities in the Villach region. The Erlebnis Card has an activities program for Spring, Summer, and Autumn.


Summer is my favorite time of year in Villach and the Erlebnis Card "Summer Active" program features excellent outdoor activities. With the Erlebnis Card, I can enjoy a guided hike through the Finsterbach Waterfalls or take a stand up paddleboarding class at Lake Faak all free of charge. Weekly program activities take place every day of the week and include cultural and athletic events. There are even activities just for children including a youth fishing classes in Bodensdorf and Lake Faak, a puppet show at the Faaker Bauernmarkt, and a guided tour of Villach just for kids.

© RVT | Arnold Pöschl
Hop on the bicycle bus with the Erlebnis Card

In addition to the weekly summer program, the Erlebnis Card has further included services. There is a summer bus to the beautiful swimming lakes of Lake Ossiach and Lake Faak. A shuttle to the Nature Park Dobratsch hiking area. As well as buses for the cultural events of Villacher Kirchtag and the European Bike Week.

The Erlebnis Card is available to guests staying with participating hosts in the Villach region. For residents, the Erlebnis Card is a great option for guests visiting for the summer at a local hotel. The best part of the Erlebnis Cars is that it is free of charge for guests and most of the activities are free to participate in. Guests simply have to register by 3 pm on the previous day to secure their place for the activity.

So far this year, I have hiked to the Finsterbach Waterfalls and gone on the mining hiking tour in Bad Bleiberg. My hope is to be able to finally learn how to stand up paddle board with the taster class at Lake Faak. I'm not very skilled when it comes to balance, so wish me lots of luck (although I know I will inevitably fall in the water about one million times).

In Autumn, the program theme is "Autumn Indulgence" and includes culinary hikes to Bertahütte and Schwarzseehütte. Lucky for me, I have been active all summer long so I can justify all of the delicious food I am going to eat at the Alpine huts. More Brettljause and Villacher beer for me bitte!