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Teens love to laugh, be adventurous, and most importantly, be heard. So what do you do when you have bored teens complaining that there is nothing to do? How about when you are planning to move to Villach from another country and your teen is not sure about it? Hopefully, this article can help highlight some of the organizations, events, and activities that are designed specifically for teens in Villach.

Here are Welcome2Villach’s recommendations for making the most of Villach with teens.


For more than 20 years, Villach’s teens have been actively involved in the city through the Villach Jugendbüro (Youth Council) and Jugendzentrum (Youth Center). Each year, the Villach Jugendbüro organizes interesting events and activities for teens in the region. At the Jugendzentrum, teens can attend workshops, take part in teen sports tournaments, as well as attend parties organized by the Jugendbüro. There is always something going on at the Jugendzentrum, so check out their website to learn more (information in German).



The Carinthia International Club (CIC) has its own group for teen members called CIC Teen. Once a month, this group meets at the CIC Office for a fun social program with snacks, music, and games. The CIC Teen group is focused on supporting and connecting expat teens in an engaging and informal environment. It's an event where teens can be themselves and meet other teens from around the world.



OTELO is an “open technology laboratory” in Villach that offers community events and activities through different interest groups called “nodes”. There are nodes for all kinds of interests including 3D printing, cooking classes, sustainability, human rights, and workshops organized just for teens. Everyone is invited to join OTELO and membership is free. As a bonus, anyone can organize a node, so if you or your teen has a special interest, feel free to contact OTELO to start organizing your own events.

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Performance with visitors
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Girl skating at the skater park
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Teens doing break dance poses


Every year, the Jugendzentrum organizes hip events for teens in the city of Villach. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Silbersee Opening: In May, the Jugenzentrum hosts the Silbersee Opening party at the Lake Silbersee in Villach. The highlight of the celebration is the Holi Fest where teens can throw colored powder at one another before jumping in the lake to wash off.

  • Fest der Vielfalt: The Fest der Vielfalt (Diversity Festival) is an intercultural street festival that takes place along Gerbergasse street where the Jugendzentrum is located. There are live performances by cultural groups, workshops, crafts, and plenty of live music. It’s a great party that takes place at the start of summer that is perfect for the whole family.

  • School’s Out Party: Kick off the end of school and the start of the summer break with a party for teens in Villach. This party is free for teens and in the past has included great perks like free ice cream and live music and dance performances.

  • Jugend-Trendsporttag: At the Jugend-Trendsporttag (Youth Trend Sports Day), new and cool sports can be tried for free at the Wasenboden park in Villach. More than 20 Villach sports clubs attend the event and bring their equipment so anyone can try a new sport. There are competitions, skateboarding demonstrations, and plenty of fun outdoor activities to choose from. The event takes place in September each year.



Liven up your teen’s free time with some fun activities in the city of Villach.

  • Skatepark Wasenboden Villach: Grab your skateboard and head to Wasenboden for 1100 m² of well-built skating space. Villach’s skatepark is free to use and open to the public, just be sure to bring your own gear. The skatepark even has its own Facebook group to stay up to date on information and events at the park.

  • Kletterhalle Villach: Rock climbing is a great way to challenge yourself and your teen to stay active. Reach new heights and climb in Villach’s modern Kletterhalle rock climbing gym with more than 240 climbing routes.

  • Jumpzone X Trampoline Park: Let loose and enjoy some silly fun at the Jumpzone X Trampoline Park. Carinthia’s first trampoline park is located in Villach and is a popular place for young and old to enjoy. Jump into the foam pit or try a slam dunk in the trampoline basketball hoop.


Each year, more opportunities for teens are created in the city of Villach. To stay up to date on upcoming events just for teens, check out the Jugendzentrum calendar for more.