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Mother feeds baby in the baby buggy in Villach

When a child is born, life gets turned upside down. And if you also live in a new city, a new country, or maybe even in a new culture, and don’t have help from grandparents or other family members, life can sometimes feel really chaotic. Fortunately, parents-to-be and families with babies in Villach are given a lot of support by many different organizations and engaged volunteers.



No matter how many parents and families you ask, it is likely that most will have a different recommendation for a pediatrician. Oftentimes this decision is based on criteria such as personal feelings, whether the doctor is covered by your insurance or is a private physician, their location, and so on. In addition to all these things there is of course also the question of which languages the doctor speaks. On the Carinthian Medical Association (Ärztekammer) website you can do a search to help you find the right doctor for your family.



The City of Villach offers free breastfeeding support to all interested families and those seeking help. Lactation specialist Stephanie Krüger is available by appointment at +43 681 1054 1431 or via Skype.

La Leche League - a worldwide breastfeeding support organization - is very active in Villach. On the first Wednesday of every month there is a gathering in the park of the Parkhotel where mothers (with their babies) can share stories and get help with any questions or issues. These monthly meetings will start up again on July 7th. More information, including info on how to contact Villach leaders Simone Dueller, Ingrid Krumrei, and Elisabeth Aichinger, can be found on the Austrian La Leche League website. If you want to attend a gathering, please first get in touch with Simone at +43 699 11 88 37 91.


The first days and weeks with a newborn is a time of many transitions and adjustments. If your baby is also very fussy and cries a lot, this can really test your nerves. The so-called “rule of three” can help you determine whether your baby is colicky or just fussy: if the child cries for more than three hours a day, more than three days per week, for more than three weeks, and is not hungry or thirsty and doesn’t need a diaper change, then the baby can be described as having colic. It is thought that colic is caused by regulation problems - meaning the baby must learn to process the many and often uncomfortable impressions that s/he receives every day. Parents who don’t know what to do and need some relief can find help at any time day or night at the Infant’s Unit of the LKH Villach hospital or at the Carinthia Women’s Health Center (Frauengesundheitszentrum or FGZ). The next information and help session is on July 8th from 9-11 a.m., and they request that you register at least five days in advance.



The Carinthian Babywearing Support Organization is the right place to go for anyone who’s excited to wear their baby in a sling or other baby carrier, and those who want to learn more. A babywearing consultant will come to your house and, with competence and expert knowledge, will lead you through the world of slings and wraps and other baby carriers. It is well known that wearing newborns and babies through toddlerhood has very positive effects on their development, and the babywearing consultants in Villach and the surrounding region can also help you learn how to best carry a fussy or colicky baby. Villach Land also has its own consultant with expertise in wearing premature babies.



For several years there have been Kangatraining classes in Villach. “Kangatraining” comes from “kangaroo” and is quite simply a workout with your baby in a sling or other baby carrier. In addition to regular Kangatraining there is also NordicKanga in Villach - this is Nordic Walking and short workouts with your baby outdoors in Villach-Warmbad. You can register for a class anytime!



Mom & baby yoga is great for everyone involved. For mothers, yoga is a great way to get back in shape, and at the same time mothers and babies can together find peace and new energy for the day. Mom & baby yoga takes place at YOGA. studio in Villach’s Lederergasse, and new courses will start in the fall.

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Baby in buggy on a bridge
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Three women of La Leche Liga Villach infront of picture frames
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Baby in rompers


CIC BabyChat is an international group of parents with small children who meet once a week to share knowledge and experience about various relevant topics. There is also a WhatsApp group and a private Facebook group where discussions are also held. The Carinthian International Center (CIC) also organizes various parent-child groups.



After giving birth and after leaving the hospital, women are entitled to receive daily home visits from a midwife for up to five days after the birth (all costs are covered by insurance). The handy online Carinthian midwife search tool can help you find the right midwife for your family. Another tip: Midwives that can take state insurance, as well as those who are self-employed, can only provide care for a certain number of pregnant women at any one time. The Austrian Association of Midwives therefore recommends that you find a register with a midwife as early as possible.