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© Stefanie Kaiser
© Adrian Hipp
Employee of the department Stadtgrün plants the first spring flowers

The welcome2villach team collects the most important news from around Villach in a compact, monthly “News Story”, with links to more information. In March there will be news about Villach's various construction plans and the city’s awards for climate-friendly initiatives, as well as the latest findings with regard to the local development concept and the vacancy survey of business spaces in Villach's city center.


  • Outstanding Villach: In addition to being named a "climate pioneer city" by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, the city of Villach can also look forward to its third e5-Krone award - this time in gold - for the trees planted according to the sponge city principle. This not only recognizes the city's achievements on its way to climate neutrality, but also commits the city to continue to make its ambitious contribution to achieving the climate goals. You can read more about the two honors here.
  • As the next step in the photovoltaic offensive, the city of Villach and Energie Klagenfurt GmbH have now founded “VDSG Villacher Dachstrom GmbH”. Starting this year, this is to install photovoltaic systems on municipally owned apartments in order to offer 1,300 tenants cheap and environmentally friendly electricity. The annual CO2 savings should be around 4,300 tons.
  • According to the latest vacancy survey by the “Standort + Markt” institute, Villach has been able to significantly reduce its vacancy rate for commercial space since the survey in 2016 with comprehensive measures. At that time, Villach was considered a problem case with a rate of 17 percent. Today, it is only 4.9 percent, which corresponds to the values ​​of other large cities, such as Vienna or Salzburg, and indicates an above-average capacity utilization in the inner city.
  • Villach's citizens' council, which was convened at random for the development of the new local development concept (ÖEK), presented its results for the future urban development of Villach at the beginning of February: numerous topics were worked out by the 21-member council. Above all, the desire for the expansion of "Grätzeln" - smaller districts that serve as meeting places and for community development ,the expansion of the living room concept on Hauptplatz, the creation of co-working spaces, the preservation of affordable housing, and of local supply in the local area and the introduction of career orientation workshops for young people were emphasized. In the next steps, the results will now be evaluated by administration and politics and, if possible, included in the ÖEK.
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Town sign "Villach - Climate Pioneer City"
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Drawing of the new fire brigade and Volkshaus Perau
© Marta Gillner
Presentation in CUAS Villach
  • Upgrading Italiener Straße: In July, the T-junction at the level of the Eni petrol station and the Kärntner Maschinenfabrik is to be converted into a roundabout and parts of the Italian road are to be renewed. This will also improve the surrounding streets as well as cycle and pedestrian paths and further expand them for better usability. The start of construction is planned for June/July and will take around 20 weeks.
  • The newly planned joint fire brigade and Volkshaus Perau will be a climate-active communication meeting point: with an investment of 3.3 million euros, the new building, which is to be built on the site of the old Volkshaus in the Perau district, is intended to meet environmental challenges. It is planned to use sustainable building materials and services and to implement a district heating connection and a photovoltaic system as well as e-charging stations and a green area. The topping-out ceremony took place recently, and the completion of the new center is planned for late summer this year.
  • Villach is once again transformed into a colorful sea of ​​flowers: Various spring flowers such as pansies, daisies and forget-me-nots are already being grown in the plastic greenhouses in the city green department. The approximately 32,000 plants are to be planted in the city from mid-March and beautify the flower beds around the Easter children’s train on Rathausplatz, in Freihausgasse, Italian Street, Schillerpark and Stadtpark.
  • International Women's Day takes place on March 8th - a symbolic day that stands for equal rights and against discrimination against women. On the occasion of this event, the women's department of the city of Villach invites you to a variety of events with a focus on relevant topics that move women:
    • March 8th, 7 p.m.: Music and drama in the CCV: “Ida hat sich tierisch verändert
    • March 15th, 6 p.m.: Film presentation and discussion “Me Time” by Ayla Yildiz
    • April 14th: Book presentation “Geraderückt” with Beate Hausbichler and Noura Maan