enjoying reading time: 6 min publication date: 06.11.2018


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Carpooling is when two or more people that are traveling to the same destination share a ride together. The great thing about carpooling is that the more that people participate, the easier it is for everyone to find a ride. In an effort to ease traffic congestion and do something great for the environment, Villach has started carpooling initiatives with the app TwoGo.

It is an exciting time for companies in Villach as the city grows into a high technology location. For example, in 2018 Infineon announced their plan to build a new wafer fab and create 400 highly qualified new jobs. With so much growth coming to the city, Villach and its companies have started to plan for the future. More employees may mean more cars on the road and possibly more traffic. Luckily, a high technology location like Villach is ready to find a solution to any problem. Let’s join together and share the road, it time to start carpooling in Villach.


1. Save Money: When you carpool, you share the cost of gas and parking with the other people in the car. This can save you almost 50% or more on your commute expenses. The more people you share the ride with, the more you can save - who doesn’t love some extra spending money?

2. Go Green: It’s simple, by carpooling, there are fewer cars on the road which means less auto pollution. When you share the ride with someone, you improve air quality too.

3. Less Traffic: Every driver in Villach knows what a pain it can be to drive on Kärntner Strasse or Tiroler Strasse during rush hour. If more people carpool there will be fewer cars on the road, which means less traffic for you. 

4. Easier Parking: Finding a parking spot can feel like work in itself. At some companies, carpooling is incentivized with parking spaces reserved only for carpool vehicles.

5. Make Friends: Let’s face it - driving alone isn’t much fun. With carpooling, you don’t have to ride alone and can share the ride with someone new. It's a great opportunity to network with people at work or make a new friend in your neighborhood. Plus, you could always try your own version of Carpool Karaoke with your carpool partners.


Carpooling is easy with the TwoGo app, a new app being used by many companies throughout Carinthia. All you have to do is download the app, sign-up, and enter your ride to start sharing the commute (and costs) with others. TwoGo is free to use and does all of the hard work for you so you are efficiently matched with another user. Even Villach’s Mayor Günther Albel is using TwoGo to carpool to work. For Mayor Albel, it is important to lead by example to create a more sustainable future for the city. Remember, that the more people use the TwoGo app, the better the carpool opportunities will be. Download TwoGo to join the many drivers that are carpooling around Carinthia. Who knows, Villach’s mayor may be your carpool partner for the day.

If you’re ready to start a carpool, sign-up for ridesharing by visiting www.twogo.com. The TwoGo app is also free for download in the App Store and Google Play Store.