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The region excels in blending tradition, a cosmopolitan mindset and a high quality of life with the perks offered by an innovative business location. International companies and their highly qualified employees have always played key roles in Villach’s success story.

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Villach has developed into a high-technology location thanks to its enduring ambition to reinvent itself. In order to maintain this pace of development, the city has been investing effort into its role as a research and start-up hub for a number of years. In addition to research activities at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, trendsetting collaborations between academia and industry, as exemplified by the Josef Ressel Center, pave the way for successful research into highly promising technologies of the future. Start-up initiatives such as the build! business incubator or the Smart Lab Carinthia, both located in the Villach Technology Park, offer ideal starting conditions for entrepreneurs.

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Labour market of Villach

8.000+ employees from over 80 nations work for our partners
31.004 employees at 2.219 employers
1.107 apprentices in 305 companies
€ 3.567 average monthly income (including tax)

The industrial companies that have collaborated to produce this brochure are only a few examples of the manifold of entrepreneurs active in Villach. The region is home to a diverse portfolio of businesses from a wide array of industries. Whether old or new economy, industrial, trade, service or crafts companies: all of them are always on the lookout for new talent.

Secure and well-paid jobs have made the location an attractive destination for specialists and managers from all over the world. The companies, among them both hidden champions and world-renowned market leaders, are well established in the region and offer their staff many benefits in addition to the high quality of life in Villach.



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New arrivals can rely on support services ranging from assistance in administrative issues to job hunting for their partner or childcare facilities, which help them settle into their new home. It is thus easy to reconcile work and family life. A welcoming attitude and diversity are non-negotiable principles that are not just preached but also put into practice here.

Framework conditions for employees in Austria also serve as an important pillar supporting Villach‘s success. Employment law provides mandatory insurance that safeguards employees financially in the case of illness, accident or unemployment. This comprehensive protective umbrella also covers family members. And no less than 25 days of paid annual leave also speaks for itself.


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