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Public Transport to the Most Important Places in the Region

No car? No problem. Who needs the high fuel prices and stressful traffic anyways? In Villach, it is possible to travel to the most important places in the region using public transport. Since Villach is a major transportation hub for the Alpe-Adria Region there are plenty of options to visit some beautiful destinations. Even if you have a car, it can be refreshing to take a different route and let someone else do the driving. Choose an environmentally friendly way of travel and check-out our recommendations for some of the most affordable travel destinations from Villach.

How to Get Around Villach

It is easy to get around Villach on foot and with a bicycle, most of the city is within reach. However, sometimes it easier to travel by bus or train to your destination. Want to get around Villach and Carinthia? Here are your public transport options -

  • By Train: Interested in fast and environmentally friendly travel in Carinthia? Check-out S-Bahn Kärnten. With the Stadtbahn it is easy to get around Villach all year round, rain or shine. There are five stops in the Villach area -  Hauptbahnhof-Gleis 8 (Villach-Lind), Westbahnhof, St. Ruprecht, Seebach, and Warmbad. The Stadtbahn runs late at night and has a half-hour to hourly service. Want to go somewhere else in the area? ÖBB has you covered.

  • By Bus: If you plan on traveling a short distance in the Villach area, the bus might be your best option. There are two bus transit options in Villach: PostBus and Kowatsch. Be aware that the bus service does not typically run late at night and some bus routes do not operate on Sundays or holidays. Be sure to check the bus timetables before you travel. All of the Villach bus stop locations (Bushaltestelle) can be found online.

Places to Visit in the Region

Ready to get out of the city and travel? Villach is well connected to many places in the Alpe-Adria region. Remember that by booking in advance, you have the best chance of a lower ticket price. Whether it is for a day trip or for a week-long holiday, here are some of the top places to visit using public transportation -

*Prices are for a single journey from Villach* 

Italy: Austria’s southern neighbor has it all - culture, nature, history, and delicious food

  • Venice: Prices starting from 19 Euro. ÖBB has both train and bus service to Venice from Villach, plus it is possible for a direct journey without transfer. The ÖBB Railjet and ÖBB Intercitybus have regular, daily routes between the two cities. The budget bus service Flixbus also operates routes to Venice but only at the weekend. 

  • Trieste: Prices starting from 17 Euro. Meet Micotra, the new cross-border train connection between Austria and Italy. This new partnership between the state of Carinthia and the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia means better public transit to Italy for Villachers. Want to travel by bus? Flixbus has a route to Trieste that only operates at the weekends. 

Slovenia: This beautiful country full of rustic charm and nature is right next door.

  • Ljubljana: Prices starting from 8 Euro. The capital city of Slovenia is closer than you think and with the budget bus service Flixbus it is an affordable destination. Traveling by train is affordable too with the ÖBB Railjet that offers direct connections from Villach.

Austria: Last, but not least, is the beautiful country we get to call home.

  • Graz: Prices starting from 14 Euro. Take a ride on the ÖBB Intercitybus for an easy connection to the capital of Styria. There are only a limited number of seats on the Intercitybus so we recommend you book a reservation along with your ticket just in case.

  • Salzburg: Prices starting from 9 Euro. The train ride through the Alps and Valleys of Austria is worth the ticket price alone. The ride to Salzburg only takes a few hours with the ÖBB Railjet and it is easy to find a direct route without transfers.

  • Vienna: Prices starting from 19 Euro. There are plenty of options to get to the capital of Austria - take a bus, ride the train, or even fly from the Klagenfurt airport. Train tickets on the ÖBB Railjet are as low as 19 Euro if you book in advance. The short 35-minute flight from Klagenfurt Airport to Vienna Airport costs around 129 Euro roundtrip if you need to get into and out of the city fast.

Additional Information

Ridesharing in Austria: In addition to public transportation, there are also several websites for ridesharing. Simply enter your desired starting point and destination as a passenger and see if you can find a driver that is willing to share the ride. Check out BlaBlaCar, Karzoo, or Flinc.

Safe travels! If you have any other tips for public transport in Carinthia or affordable destination recommendations, be sure to let us know.

About the author

Chelsea Navarro is an American expat from California, USA.

She has lived in Villach with her partner and dog since February, 2016. She enjoys exploring the Austrian wilderness, drinking Villacher beer and traveling around Europe.

Chelsea blogs about her adventures and life in Villach at and twice per month here at

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