Krishnamurthy-Raghunath Family

Rashmi Dudda Krishnamurthy & Srivatsa Raghunath

Engineer Innovation Management (Rashmi) & Application Engineer (Srivatsa)


Infineon Austria

Home Town/Country:
Bangalore, India

Key Facts

35 & 33 year(s) old
1 & 3 year(s) in Villach
2 daughters

Our ways to Villach

In our search for work opportunities in Europe we unfortunately had to split up our family in the beginning. While Srivatsa found a job at Infineon Villach in December 2014, I (Rashmi) worked in Stuttgart (Germany) and also lived there with our two daughters. Only through the special efforts of Infineon’s human resources department, I finally also got a job offer for the Villach site. Since April 2016 commuting has luckily come to an end.

What we love about Villach

  • Being so close to nature is really fantastic.
  • Villach is so peaceful and simply a safe and delightfully calm place for our two kids.
  • The city offers us an exceptional work-life balance every day.
Villach offers us and our children an exceptional work-life balance every day.

Our three tips for new arrivals in Villach

  1. Children need time to adjust to a new environment. Be prepared to support your child!
  2. Use the friendly support of the local community for all the questions regarding aspects of daily life. The locals will be happy to give you useful recommendations for grocery shopping or, for instance, which sports clubs to choose for the kids.
  3. To enjoy life here to the fullest it definitely helps to be an outdoor person.
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