Guide to International Restaurants and Markets in Villach

Chelsea Navarro


Whether you’re an expat longing for a taste of home or an adventurous cook in search of hard to find ingredients there are places in Villach that have what you need. If you enjoy cooking, there are several international markets to choose from. When you shop at one of these markets, you can be exposed to new ingredients that can expand your recipe repertoire. If you are more interested in eating rather than cooking, consider dining at one of the international restaurants in Villach. Who knows - you may find your new favorite meal. Plus, if you are an expat, you may get the taste of home that you have been searching for.

Specialty International Markets

Asia Markt Villach
Italienerstrasse 8
Ingredients from: Thailand, the Philippines, and other East Asian countries

Stop-by the well-stocked Asia Markt on Italienerstrasse for a variety of fresh, canned, and frozen foods from Asia. Asia Markt regularly imports herbs and vegetables that are not available locally, so it is a perfect place to find unique ingredients. Our tip - follow the shop on Facebook to be alerted when fresh vegetables arrive in the shop. As a bonus, Asia Markt’s owner, Fonruetnai Wildpanner, is multilingual and can assist customers in German, English, and Thai.


Jasmeen Indian Shop
Bahnhofplatz 4
Ingredients from: India

Right next to the train station is Jasmeen Indian Shop, a specialty shop that brings the flavors of India to Villach. At this shop, you can find the dried beans, grains, teas, and spices that Indian cuisine is famous for. In addition to dry ingredients, the shop also sells frozen food, personal care items, and some home goods imported from India.


Maria-Gailer-Strasse 36
Ingredients from: Italy

At Italmarkt, you can find everything you need to prepare a delicious Italian meal. This large-scale shop imports many unique products from Italy and even boasts its own cheese and deli counter. As an added bonus, Italmarkt also offers meat and cheese party platters that you can order for your next event.


Multi-Store Market
Widmanngasse 28
Ingredients from: Turkey and the Middle East

Located in the Villach city center is Multi-Store, a market with plenty to offer. Here you can find spices, teas, Halal products, Turkish coffee, and other Middle Eastern specialties. In addition to food, Multi-store also sells other home items such as tea sets, shoes, and clothing.

*In addition to these specialty food markets, international ingredients can also be found at supermarkets such as Interspar and Merkur.

International Cuisine Restaurants

In Villach, there is no shortage of Austrian food - because we are in Austria of course! But if you want to try something different than the traditional schnitzel, try dining at one of Villach’s international restaurants. Many of the international restaurants in Villach were opened by immigrants and expats that wanted to share their food culture with the city. Enjoy a meal at one of these restaurants and perhaps you will discover a new favorite dish.


Italiener Strasse 12
Food from: Vietnam

VEATnam is a great restuarant for fans of Vietnamese cuisine. Enjoy a warming bowl of “Pho” the traditional Vietnamese soup of noodles and savory broth. Opened by brother and sister duo Nam and Thuha Phung in 2018, VEATnam is proud to bring the flavors of Vietnam to Villach.


Alt Damaskus
Kaiser Josef Platz 7
Food from: Syria

Tasty traditional Syrian specialties are served daily at Alt Damaskus. The restaurant is operated by Hussam Kassem who wanted to bring a taste of his homeland to Villach. Typical Syrian dishes include the vegetarian favorite, falafel, as well as savory meatballs called kibbeh.


Restaurant Dalmacia
Bad Bleibergerstra?e 1
Food from: Croatia

Restaurant Dalmacia prepares delicious food from the Dalmatia region of Croatia. You’ll find Balkan classics such as cevapcici and burek as well as seafood specialties that are typical of Dalmatia. The fresh seafood dishes on the menu come highly recommended, especially the calamari.


Völkendorfer Strasse 6
Food from: Japan and other Asian countries

There is something for everyone at Sakura - bento boxes, wok specialties, sushi, chicken nuggets, as well as dishes from Singapore, Malaysia, and China. While the menu is mostly Japanese food, this restaurant most popular for its lunch and dinner buffet that includes all you can eat sushi.


Med Kitchen
Widmanngasse 23
Food from: the Mediterranean and Orient including Arabic, Persian, and Israeli food

From freshly grilled meat to vegetarian specialties, all of the dishes at Med Kitchen bring the flavors of the Mediterranean to life. The highlight of the food at Med Kitchen is all of the specialties prepared on their charcoal grill. Located in the historic Villach city center, Med Kitchen is a great restaurant for a fun date.

Hopefully, you will find the ingredients you are looking for and the food you have been craving in Villach. If you still can’t find your favorite dish, perhaps the success of other Villach restauranteurs will inspire you to open your own restaurant in the future. There are plenty of foodies and adventurous eaters in Villach that will thank you for it.

About the author

Chelsea Navarro is an American expat from California, USA.

She has lived in Villach with her partner and dog since February, 2016. She enjoys exploring the Austrian wilderness, drinking Villacher beer and traveling around Europe.

Chelsea blogs about her adventures and life in Villach at and twice per month here at

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