Where to Enjoy a Kaffeepause in Villach

Chelsea Navarro


Kaffeepause is an Austrian tradition that is very similar to a British afternoon tea. “Kaffeepause” literally translates to “coffee pause” and is a midday coffee break. During Kaffeepause, it is traditional to enjoy eine Tasse Kaffee (a cup of coffee) along with a sweet treat such as Kuchen (cake).

Kaffeepause has become an Austrian custom I have quickly adopted. Why? Because Kaffeepause isn’t just a coffee break; it’s a moment to slow down and reflect on the day. Whether alone or with friends, Kaffeepause is about enjoying the moment. Compared to the fast and on-the-go coffee consumption of my native USA (um, hello Starbucks drive-thrus!), Austrian Kaffeepause represents a true break. I appreciate the opportunity to sit down, relax, and enjoy an espresso with a slice of fresh Apfelkuchen.

Walking through downtown Villach, there is no shortage of cafes. In the summer, the city center fills with tables and chairs so customers can enjoy an outdoor Kaffeepause. In the winter, cafes become meeting hubs as people come together to catch-up over hot coffee and stay out of the cold. Regardless of the time of year, there are plenty of options for coffee lovers to join together and enjoy a midday break.

Where to enjoy a Kaffeepause in Villach


Local Coffee Roasters

Enjoy a cup of coffee from beans roasted right in Villach at Kaffeemacher and La Mattina. Both cafes roast their beans onsite and have bags available for purchase so you can enjoy another cup (or two!) at home.


Keep it Casual

Caffé Latte Bar and Die Greißlerei Villach offer ample seating and a cozy atmosphere to meet up with friends. Both cafes offer Austrian coffee classics such as the Verlängerter (similar to an Americano) and Melange (similar to an Italian cappuccino).


Hip Interiors

Relax with a caffeinated beverage in an inspirational setting at Herr Vincent and Kaffee Kleinfein. Pull up one of the many colorful vintage chairs at Herr Vincent and try to catch an open-mic performance. With its bold colors and eclectic decorations, Kaffee Kleinfein is a bright oasis in downtown Villach (and be sure to say hello to the resident dog Vincent for me).


Great Cakes

Coffee and cake are a match made in heaven and at Cafe Konditorei Rainer and Cafe Konditorei Bernold there is a wide selection of Austrian cakes and cookies to choose from. Pick a slice of a decadent Torte (cake) such as Sachertorte or Linzer torte to enjoy during Kaffeepause.


Coffee and Breakfast Too

Turn your Kaffeepause into a delightful brunch at Park Cafe or Cafe Bistro Bellini. Both cafes offer a full breakfast menu as well as other dining options throughout the day. There are plenty of restaurants in the Villach city center, so feel free to explore the city on foot and see where your desires lead you.

With so many cafes in Villach, it was hard to narrow it down to these few. I would love to hear your recommendations - anything I missed? I am always looking for an excuse to go out for Kaffeepause. Einen Latte Macchiato, bitte.

About the author

Chelsea Navarro is an American expat from California, USA.

She has lived in Villach with her partner and dog since February, 2016. She enjoys exploring the Austrian wilderness, drinking Villacher beer and traveling around Europe.

Chelsea blogs about her adventures and life in Villach at and twice per month here at

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